Homemade Veggie Bowl

There are a couple of things going on here: I don’t eat half as much vegetables as I should and I’ve been on this unhealthy kick lately that involves binge watching shows on Netflix under my heated blanket while endlessly munching on everything in my pantry. Because of this, I’ve packed on a few uncomfortable pounds this holiday season. During the warmer months, I usually prep a fresh fruit salad for the week ahead so I decided to do the same but with veggies to help kick start a healthier winter. This has been wonderful! Not only can I munch on veggies when I’m marathoning episodes of Marco Polo but now have absolutely nothing holding me back from throwing a salad together for lunch or dinner. Plus, this only took 10 minutes to prepare. I’m ready for you, 2015.


Bag of sweet mini peppers
Baby carrots
Mini cucumbers
Cherry tomatoes

Store in a stainless steel, air-tight container. Try to eat the veggies the first part of the week for guaranteed freshness.

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