Health and Fitness: Small Changes, Big Results

If you’ve read the post on my recent training at Crossfit Akron, you will know how it has completely transformed my body. It has also helped me change my outlook on food and most importantly, exercising routines. I decided to join their On Ramp program, a 4 week program that teaches newer athletes like myself the fundamentals and methodology to the essential movements as well as guidance with nutrition.

The days leading up to the first day of the program, I thought about some small changes I’d like to make that will better my body in the long run. I’ve even had friends come to me and suggest things that they’ve done that have totally changed the way they feel from day to day like trying out what they consider to be the best CBD oil in the UK to care for their physical and mental health. I can’t say I’ve tried this yet but I’d certainly be interested to know what it’s like.

Of course, I’d like to lead a healthier lifestyle in general, which is often very difficult for me because I really, really, (did I say really? ) love food and sweets. I have to get into a strict mindset when it comes to portion control, once I’m there, however, I breeze right through it. It’s just a matter of getting there. Due to my cravings, one of my friends did tell me that I could consider taking some supplements to prevent that. Apparently, companies like Gundry MD provide supplements that support the gut lining, reducing cravings and bloating. This is useful for those who want to live a healthier life. My friend told me to consider reading some gundry md reviews online to see what other people thought. Maybe I’ll look into some supplements, it might be useful for the health of my body. For now here are a few small changes I have made with the hopes that my body will thank me in the long run.

  • No more artificial sweetener. I put Sweet n’ Low in my coffee everyday, and I often drink multiple cups a day. Instead, I bought organic sugar and it tastes great.
  • Diet soda is limited to once a week. I’m actually hoping to kick this habit forever, but perhaps I’m too far into my love affair with Diet Coke to quit cold turkey.
  • Maybe it’s because of the film Food, Inc. or CrossFit, or both. Attempt to buy chicken, beef, and eggs locally.
  • Major cut backs on processed foods. Processed foods, or foods that have been altered from their natural state aren’t always bad. I buy frozen veggies and even fruit sometimes. Some of the foods I’m eliminating include high sodium, boxed foods (including Lean Cuisines and Smart Ones.)
  • Nuts as snacks (in moderation of course) Swapping snacks low in nutrition value with ones that are a better source of protein and fat.
  • A better breakfast. I eat bread-a lot. Arabs and Italians must have joined forces and made the decision that bread is a necessary evil in every meal. I’m swapping out my high in sugar, artificially flavored packets of Oatmeal or 2 pieces of toast for breakfast with old fashioned oats mixed with fresh fruit or honey.
What are some changes that you’ve made? Any tips? Please share!

Some of my favorite blogs to follow are those about health, nutrition, fitness, and personal weight loss journeys. There’s nothing more inspiring and motivating than to see the changes first hand from people you can relate to. I encourage you to read some posts from this blog here. Shannon started her blog when her and her husband decided to start Weight Watchers this year. She’s honest, enthusiastic, and hilarious.
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