Floral Dress

Even though I’m already planning on dressing up as Kermit the HallowMeme for Halloween, when boohoo.com asked if I’d join their HallowIn / HallowOut campaign, I most certainly replied with HallowOut, thankyouverymuch. Halloween marks the seventh anniversary of the day my husband and I met. So since I’ll be doing my finger gun / shimmy combo on the dance floor at the Halloween Charity Ball in my Kermit costume, I selected a beautiful dress from boohoo’s HallowOut collection for a date night with the hubs.

I love collaborating with boohoo because they have something for everyone on their site. The best thing about this dress is, well a lot of things. First of all, it’s completely an all-season dress. Here, I transitioned it to fall with a pair of opaque tights from boohoo.com, and added my favorite green faux leather jacket (seen here and here) to juxtapose the super feminine print. I added booties but can easily swap them out with pumps or knee boots.


In the spring, I can throw on a light jacket and wear it as it is in the summer. Secondly, it’s such a pretty floral print and I feel comfortable wearing it to a work function, a wedding, dinner, or even to the office. Plus, it’s only $35. You all know I love a good deal and for a dress that can be worn all year round, $35 is an absolute steal.


I encourage you to browse their Halloween section for Halloween inspired items whether you’re going to HallowIn or HallowOut. I love this Witch, Please shirt for a cozy night in and this high neck lace dress for a dinner date.


Dress | Sara Contrast Hem Floral Skater Dress | $35 |boohoo.com
Boots | DSW | $20
Jacket | Thrifted Village Discount Outlet | $6

PS) Someone on Instagram said I was channeling Mindy Kaling in this dress, so I did a quick search of Mindy in a floral dress and found a picture of her in one almost identical to mine! Love when this happens.

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