Good Style Fashion Show Flower Party

I unintentionally went for a Downton Abbey inspired tea party. Since my theme for the Goodwill Good Style collection is based on plants and flowers, it was a no brainer to intentionally plan a floral themed party this year. Plus, I’m beyond ready for spring. I really wanted to incorporate flowers into the party somehow so I thought of setting up a ‘build your own bouquet’ area where the girls could arrange and take home flowers wrapped in sheet music. Having the ‘models’ over to try on their outfits for the fashion show is always a great time, especially because it always turns into a style brainstorming session. For example, what I thought was a blazer for one of the models turned out to be a peplum top that buttons in the back…oh the 1980s.


{build your own bouquet favors}


{Marc’s has really affordable and fresh flowers}



{sheet music for the bouquets}




{target dollar spot straws}



{found this cheese block for 35 cents this weekend!} 


{cucumber hummus bites}


{goat cheese raspberry mini toast}
{Missing several people but this is part of the Good Style 2014 group! I’m so thankful for their time, ideas,  and inspiration
L-R: Katie, Amanda, me, Shanie, Mica, Camille}


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