Floral Coral Blazer

This post is dedicated to short girls. To the girl who’s had to hem every single pair of pants she ever bought. The girls who cuff their jeans for practical reasons rather than stylish reasons. I’m 4’11” and so it goes without saying I have the hardest time finding the right jeans or pants, especially skinny pants. The short lengths are too tight around the waist and the petite styles never fit my hips. These jeans, however, are quite possibly the best pair I’ve ever laid my hands on. They are meant to be cropped jeans, meaning they are supposed to hit the calves of average people, but hit my ankles exactly where I wish every pair I own did. I’ve been in these jeans for about a week straight now and paired it with a thrifted coral top and blazer for a casual Friday outfit at the office.


Blazer LC Lauren Conrad | Thrifted in Akron | $7
Shirt | Thrifted at Goodwill in Middleburg Heights | $3
Jeans | Target | $13
Vintage Purse | Thrifted in Akron | $3
Shoes | Thrifted in Akron | $2


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