Faux Fur and Flannel

Stop the presses! It was warm enough for an outdoor style shoot this weekend. Considering I wore this two days in a row, I figured it only seemed right to share it on the blog. Remember this flannel shirt from my feature on New Day Cleveland? Well, you’re getting not one but three confessions today: the flannel shirt is too small on me and doesn’t button all the way up, hence the open layering. Secondly, this is my (clean) pajama shirt. I have yet to find a basic tee that’s as soft and perfectly oversized as this one. I think I’m going to buy all my basic tees from the sleepwear section from now on. Lastly, this faux fur scarf is really a coat collar that I pinned to create an infinity-like scarf. Whew, talk about a modified outfit.


Flannel shirt | Thrifted in Akron | $4
Tee | Pajama shirt
Pants | Old Navy | $25
Boots | Nordstrom Rack | $30
Scarf | Goodwill in Akron | $1
Purse | Thrifted in Akron | $4
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