Fall Florals



I can’t believe it’s already October?! This month’s prompt is one of my favorites: fall florals. Fall florals are more subtle than spring and summer floral prints. They usually have a black or burgundy backdrop and work well with either warm, autumn color or deep jewel tones. I like to look for deep reds, pinks, and cream prints. Fall floral print works well with almost everything, from dresses (even maxi dresses!) pants, skirts, and blouses.   Thrifting floral print is one of my favorite things to do because it’s so easy. Floral print will jump out at you on a rack in an instant, so you don’t have to do much digging! Want to try this trend but keep it simple? Look for a fall floral scarf to elevate a look. Scarves are usually less than $3 at Goodwill.

When I saw that fall floral print made the top 10 fall trends in the Neiman Marcus catalog, I made sure to add it to my thrift wish list. I was thrilled to find this early 1990s Express fall floral dress on my first try at Goodwill on Waterloo! I used my 35% off coupon and got the dress for $2. This dress is comfy, perfect for fall temps, and the best part – it has pockets!


Dress | Thrifted | $2 | Shop Similar

Boots | Boohoo.com | Sold out.Shop Similar or try these low heel fringe boots or these adorable peep toe shoes

Bag | shop exact

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