Easy DIY Lyrics & Quote Art

I’m a huge improviser when I decorate my home. I always try to find a new purpose for things I already own. For example, I use a fishbowl for everything from a vase to storage for my Keurig Kcups. I love framing cards and quotes so instead of spending $20 on a frameable quote from a retail store, I just make my own. Here’s a super easy DIY for those of us who aren’t graphic designers:

Lyrics by: Stevie Wonder, Isn’t She Lovely


  • Visit dafont.com for thousands of free fonts.
  • Download your favorite font. The file will usually end up in your downloads folder. Simply install the font to your computer. (It’s very easy, just follow the prompts on your computer).
  • Open a new blank document Microsoft Word or Pages on Mac.
  • Use your new font and type out your favorite quote or lyrics. Play around with color and placement. I use Pinterest as my inspiration for placement and text layout.
  • Print out on cardstock paper
  • Frame in a white frame and use a picture mat for added texture. I also like to use antique hangers or clipboards to hang my art.
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