E-Course: Reduce Reuse Resell!

I’m sharing the lessons I’ve learned as a seller, thrift influencer, and creative coach over the last 16 years so you can build a successful, profitable small resale business online that you love and fits your pace and lifestyle. This course is based on both my approach to reselling and best practices in e-commerce.

This course is designed for:

• Beginner fashion or home online sellers (part or full-time)
• Recently opened a shop
• Considering starting a shop
• Started one but it’s mostly inactive
• Sellers who are committed to putting in the work to achieve an increased level of sales
• Sellers who are seeking holistic tips and resources

This course is not for you if:

You’re a seasoned, experienced online seller


$137 pre-sale

$197 USD after pre-sale

The Course includes:

• Self-paced video modules
• Unlimited access to the videos
• Resources and worksheets every seller should have in their toolbox
• Access to our reseller private Facebook group
• Discount on cross-posting tools
By the end of the course, you should have increased knowledge in:

By the end of the course you will have increased knowledge in:

• Defining success and a plan for your shop
• Understanding different marketplaces, their purpose, and audiences
• How to sell on Instagram
• How to select the right marketplace for your shop and products
• Effective sourcing strategies, including where to shop, how to source new items, thrifting strategies
• Creating effective listing systems for your shop and lifestyle
• How to stay motivated and create a culture of success for yourself
• How to price your items
• How to take great photos
• How to manage your listings after they have been posted, when and how to have sales, what to do with unsold inventory
• How to store your inventory
• How to effectively manage and track your inventory
• How to generate monthly sales and expense reports and track important data
• Low-cost shipping tools and shipping tips
• How to use social media to brand your business and maximize profit
• How to research resellable brands

Do any of these sound familiar?

• I want to start reselling, but I don’t know where to start or which platform to choose
• I like the idea of reselling but I can’t find the motivation to keep up with it
• I’m not sure how to keep up with all the brands and trends that sell
• I’m never quite sure how to price my inventory
• I’m having trouble taking quality photos of my products
• A lot of my inventory is ending up right back at the thrift store
• The thought of the business side of reselling overwhelms me
• I love thrifting, but I never know what to buy to resell
• I started my resale shop, but my inventory isn’t selling
• I want to start selling online, but I can’t afford expensive gear
• I want to start a side business to make extra cash to support my (family, shopping habit, vacation fund – insert your reason here)
• The pandemic has greatly reduced my income and I’m looking for creative ways to pay my bills
• I don’t know what all of these resale abbreviations mean

Whether you selected one or all of the above, you’re not alone. We’re here to help! Join us for Reduce, Reuse, Resell!

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