Dina’s Decor: Marbles and Frames

{wall collage using photos we took, except for one}

After a brutal winter mostly spent indoors my sister/roommate and I came to the realization that our living room set up needed to be tweaked. We needed a new bookshelf and desperately needed additional wall hangings and photos, something to make it feel warmer and more inviting. I’ve seen a few bloggers create wall photo or mirror “collages” in their homes and so we decided to try it out. We bought a bunch of gold and black old frames from the thrift store and decided to stick with that color scheme while using photos we took and developed. Because all of the frames are different shapes and sizes, aligning them was a little more challenging than we had expected.  This collage is still in the works, we need to add more frames, but I thought I would share our progress! It’s a fairly inexpensive project if you buy the frames from vintage shops, thrift stores or garage sales and if you can print your own photos or score a good photo printing deal.

We also found a gold tray that I just fell in love with for $2. I instantly thought of old school marbles as the perfect fit for this tray. My goal is to keep adding marbles to fill the tray as much as possible. Plus, I love old marbles, you don’t see much of them anymore. 

{marble and frame tray}
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