Delights: Buitoni Pasta

To be honest, I never really noticed Buitoni products in the store before I was asked to review them. I’m always excited to try new things, so I used my voucher to pick up a package of Three Cheese Tortellini and an All Natural Marinara Sauce. I was pleasantly surprised when I tasted how fresh these products actually are. If someone served the sauce to me, I would have never thought it was store bought. The homemade tasting sauce was jam packed with natural ingredients and didn’t taste like how most store bought processed sauces taste. The pasta was enough to feed two, or in my case I saved the rest for lunch the next day. A package of pasta cost around $5 to $6 at my local grocery store. A little steeper than what you would pay for a refrigerated package of food from the store, but considering the freshness of the products, it makes sense. There are a variety of Buitoni products to choose from. I highly recommend the tortellini, simply posting these pictures made me want more. Buon Appetito!