Common Threads Thrift

bright and simple dressing room decor at Common Threads Thrift

It’s bright and cheery. A bright and uplifting environment was one of the priorities for Common Threads, according to Jeff,  director of the social enterprise branch of the nonprofit. Walking into Common Threads, you don’t feel like you’re at a typical thrift store, making it an ideal setting for new thrifters.
Affordable prices. You all know I love a good deal so I set out to see what I could find for $30. I went home with the dress featured in this post ($8), a baking tool, a brand new toy for my nephew, a dress for my niece, a cross body purse, and a pair of sweatpants. Not too shabby!

The selection is just right. I’m always looking for a balance between new and vintage items and Common Threads nailed them both. There’s also a rack of designer pieces, perfect for those on the hunt for brand names or those who don’t like thrill of the hunt and like to get right to it.

The decor. Nothing gets me quite like minimalism decor (other than thrift store prices, of course). I  must admit I spent more time admiring the decor than hunting the racks. A few things caught that my eye: the racks are filled with hundreds of items but Common Threads doesn’t leave you feeling overwhelmed. They have a strategic way of arranging their clothing without it feeling like you’re at a rummage sale. Inspired by the likes of Anthropologie, the display windows are designed to perfection. I’ve never seen a thrift store put so much thought into their displays before. Not to mention the wood display inside the store was built by local artists Jessica and Jerry Birchfield using an innovative lab at Case. Greg Ernst of AODK Architects in Lakewood also contributed to the design and fabrication.

A great Instagram. I’m a sucker for a clean, simple and bright Instagram and Common Threads has just that.

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