Color Combos: Shoe Color Blocking

My ‘color blocking’ days date back to circa ’93-’94 when I would rock lime green shorts with a flourecent pink top (and book-bag) because I loved bright colors. Today, I’m glad it’s back in style. Color blocking can be really tricky. Sometimes mixing bold, bright colors isn’t as easy as it looks on the runways, but rather looks like you flat out don’t know how to match. But I guess that’s the beauty in it. For me, my love for glaring and radiant colors stuck with me, well beyond my neon pink back-pack days. Today, I’m instantly attacked to colors, and get I find that I get personal satisfaction when I realize that two, possibly unrelated colors go really well together. That’s why, months ago I started a Color Combo series on my blog.  My sister caught an episode of E Style News where they highlighted color blocking, but with shoes. I love this idea. I think it’s a great way to make a statement with your outfit, focusing most of the attention to your shoes. A few of the inspiration examples I used are higher up there in price, but I couldn’t resist as these pieces are beautiful.

{all of these items can be found here. ps, that blue top shop skirt is only $20. I think I have to get it!}