Color Combo: Key Colors for your Closet

A conversation that seems to repeatedly come up with friends and co-workers is a concern with the lack of color in many of our wardrobes. Classic colors like black and white are vital for a sharp and sophisticated style. Soft, muted pieces are also must haves in every girl’s closet. The older I get, the more I find myself buying solids in these colors. On the other hand, I think a splash of color is much needed sometimes. Color blocking has been a big trend over the last couple of years, by having certain colors in your closet, color blocking can be so easy. In my opinion, even the most classic of closets should contain a few bold and bright pieces that will coordinate well with the timeless pieces you own. 

Now, I say coordinate well for a reason. Speaking with a friend about which colors coordinate well with soft grays the other day, I realized there are a few bold colors I tend to stick with which seem to work wonders with the classic colors I own like black, white, gray, and nudes. Although I try my best not to rule certain bright shades out, there are a few that I know won’t realistically work or fit with what I already own. I’ve put together a “palette” of beautiful, bold colors that will surely enhance any basic colors you already own. It could be as simple as adding a tomato colored top to a black suit or color blocking pink and orange.

 If expirmenting with colors isn’t really your thing, or if you come home with a fuschia top and you’re unsure what it will coordinate with, I’ve found the best way is to take the item and simply run it over other pieces in your closet. You will be surprised to see how many ideas you can come up with! Some of my best color combinations were a result of excessive piles of clothes on the floor or on my bed while cleaning and reorganizing. 

Colors to Add:

{left to right: ACNE, silk top, coach emma blazer, antik top}
Bright pinks are so much fun. They go well with 
  • gray
  • white
  • orange
  • black
  • blue
  • purple
  • yellow
  • creams

Can you think of additional shades pink goes well with? 

{left to right: Fendi skirt, rittenhouse top, flannels toptopshop top}

Creams, blacks, white, blue orange, and gray look great with this shade of red. 
{DVF pants, alexander birman wedges, marc jacobs top, boutique 1 dress }

The possibilities are endless! Black, white, cream, nudes, pink, orange, yellow and gray to name a few.

{left to right: topshop shorts, matthew williamson, topshop skirt, lanvin skirt

Coordinate with gray, black, cream/nude, taupe, blue!

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