City Spotlight: Goodwill’s GoodStyle Fashion Show Recap (PHOTOS)

{my models from the first set: color blast pants, weekend skirt, casual lace, and neons&neutrals} 

Participating in Goodwill of Greater Cleveland & East Central Ohio’s GoodStyle Fashion show was hands down one of the most exhilarating things I’ve ever been a part of.

{set two of the collection: maxi skirt, embellished jacket, 1940s classic, me in a 50 cent dress, ethnic embellishments, and bohemian chic}

The evening consisted of runway styles of the thrifted finds of both Urusline College students and three local fashion bloggers, Lauren, Missy and myself.  The finds, styled beautifully from head to toe, showcased the creative ways thrift fashion can be totally wearable.

{with bloggers Lauren & Missy)

I’ve been working on my collection for months and had the chance to showcase it live on the runway that evening. My models, who are also my good friends, worked so hard to help me out with this fashion show. I’ve never seen a group of girls change so quickly in my life 🙂

{blurry photos of my models during rehearsal} 

 For less than $100, I styled 10 looks using the latest trends as inspiration. Although some were a little bolder than others, I wanted my collection to be wearable for the every day girl. I included pleated skirts, bright colored pants, neons and neutrals, embellishments, bohemian inspired, and casual lace.  Most of my photos were taken on the run or with an iPhone, I’m looking forward to seeing the photos from the event on Goodwill’s Facebook page soon. 

{ethnic embellishments & bohemian chic} 

It was really something to be able to share my love for thrift fashion, something that I’m constantly rambling about on my blog. I was shocked when I had a number of people approach me after the show asking if they could buy my looks right off the models!

I sincerely want to thank Goodwill and their staff for inviting me and allowing me to be part of such a great event. I also want to thank everyone else who came and supported me and helped make my evening an unforgettable one, especially my models.

{above: embellished jacket from my collection. below: with one of my favorite Clevelanders: Kimberly from Smitten in Cleveland.} 

To continue my support for Goodwill and their mission, I will be at the Open Air Market in Ohio City on June 23rd selling vintage clothing and accessories. A portion of the sales will be donated to Goodwill of Greater Cleveland & East Central Ohio. To learn more, and to share with your friends (Please do!) check out the event on Facebook here. 

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