Cashmere and Leather

Today was my first day back in Ohio after an incredible week in the Caribbean. I don’t think I’ve ever felt more relaxed in my life. Having little to no WiFi on the trip allowed me to truly unwind and hit the reset button. I was beginning to feel a lot of unnecessary stress toward the end of 2015 so this vacation came at the perfect time. Plus, vacationing in the dead of winter is quite exquisite.  My husband and I decided to make it a new tradition. We visited three islands while on the Jazz Cruise (my husband is a musician) and I really did a number on the buffet. I consumed so much food there were many times where I was actually eating a powdered donut while ordering breakfast. You can check out my photos on Instagram.



This is an outfit that has been on repeat for the last month because it’s so versatile. I wore it as featured here on New Year’s Eve and traveled in it to our cruise but swapped the high wedges with flat booties, replaced the necklace with stud earrings, and the Chanel bag with a functional cross body bag. I have also worn this jacket here and the sweater here. I’m officially grown accustomed to my shorter hair. It feels a thousand times better and it’s so much easier to style. It took me nearly two years to work up the nerve to cut it but I’m so glad I did. If you’re on the fence like I was, jump! You will safely land on a pile of your own hair.



The Details:
Sweater | Cashmere, thrifted | $5 | Ohio Discount Thrift
Jacket | Thrifted | $3 | Goodwill Akron
Jeans | Old Navy | $12
Bag | Givits | $2
Shoes | DSW
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