Camo Pants


I was inspired to buy these camo pants after I saw Lauren wearing them at one of our Goodwill meetings. She said that they were comfortable and encouraged me to get a pair. I was a little nervous that they wouldn’t pass my “three wears” rule – meaning if I couldn’t think of at least three different ways to wear them, they were going straight back to Old Navy. As soon as I got them in the mail, I started a little dress up session in my dressing room while simultaneously consulting with Pinterest.

I replicated this ultra chic look but substituted the brown bag for a pink one and the leather jacket for my trench.  I wanted to be sure that I can just throw these on in the summer and be comfortable and this outfit proved that I can be comfy and casual. Pants halfway inside the booties? Heck, why not. Isn’t that what being comfy is all about? Meaning: too lazy to bend over and roll up my pants. Truthfully, I wore this exact outfit at least 3 times since I got the pants.

Thankfully, these pants passed the three wears test with flying colors.

Over the course of the next few months I will share how I remix these pants again using one of the combinations I’ve listed above.



What’s your favorite way to wear camo pants?
Vintage style t-shirt (that’s what it’s called on their website for search purposes), Old Navy, $6
Camo skinnies, Old Navy, $24 with discounts
Target booties, thrifted, $5
Trench, Old Navy, approximately 9 years old – missing buttons!
Neon bag, Marc’s closeouts, $5
Necklace, thrifted, approximately $2
Sunglasses, Five Below, $4
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