Burgundy Pants Three Ways

These pants have been on heavy rotation lately because they are so easy so style. I find myself treating them like a neutral, pairing them with prints, denim, and other neutrals. It wasn’t until I was packing for a trip that I realized this seems to be my fall color palette; burgundy, tan, green, orange, and hints of gray. A really helpful way to incorporate colored pants into your wardrobe is to look up color palettes on Pinterest or literally go to a place like Home Depot and use paint swatches to coordinate colors. It’s really helpful! Here’s one of my favorite Pinterest boards for color inspiration. If anything, it’s just pretty to look at!

Outfit 1 Details: 
Plaid Shirt | Thrifted (j.crew) | $4
Pants | Old Navy Rockstar | $15 sale
Boots | Kohls | $15 sale
Wrap | Old Navy | $18 sale
Pants | Old Navy Rockstar | $15 sale
Sweater | Goodwill Akron | $4
Boots | Kohls | $15 sale
Bag | Old Navy | $13 sale
Scarf | Thrifted | $1
Jacket | Old Navy, thrifted | $5
Shirt | J.Crew, thrifted from Goodwill on State Rd | $4
Pants | Old Navy Rockstar Jeans| sale $15
Boots | Vintage, thrifted | Village Discount Outlet 75 cents
Sunglasses | Charlotte Russe | $2 clearance bin
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