Brown and Black

I find myself often over thinking things when styling an outfit but it’s usually the ones that don’t take too much effort that I love the most. There isn’t anything particularly special about this outfit, it’s not a bubble gum pink ensemble or anything like that, but it felt right. I threw this together one morning for work in a rush and it confirmed my love for black with and brown. I remember believing as a pre-teen that if you wore black and brown together, you were committing an unforgivable fashion crime. As an adult who strongly rejects the notion of fashion ‘rules’, this has become one of my favorite color combinations. For more black and brown inspiration check out this pin here.


You know you’ve been thrifting too much when you get annoyed when something that you thought was going to cost 50 cents, ended up costing $1. That’s what happened with this clutch at the Salvation Army.

Jacket, thrifted, $5
Button down, express via Gabe’s, very old- price unknown
Ankle pants, Target, originally $25 but got them for free with Shopkicks
Clutch, thrifted, $1
Shoes, vintage, thrifted, $2

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