Bright Bold Bargain

Guys, I need a life lesson on applying my “I won’t stop until I find it at the thrift store” type of persistence to other important aspects of my life. Anyone else just get stuck on trying to find something super specific? I had my mind set on a certain kind of bold and dramatic bell sleeve top and kept looking until I found exactly what I was looking for at the thrift store for $2! I wish I could tell who made it but it’s a nice linen with intricate embroidery, another trend I’m inspired by this season. What’s that one thing were you not willing to give up looking for?

All joking aside though, persistence and consistency are two incredibly important tips to remember when thrifting. I like to keep a Pinterest thrift wish board and chip away at it. Don’t stress! Thrifting is supposed to be fun and exhilirating. If you don’t find what you’re looking for the first couple times, just keep at it. You don’t have to buy something each time but the more you go to the thrift store, the easier it becomes to develop a rhythm, technique, and strategy.


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