Boho Inspired Dress


#LovetheWall is a public art project for downtown Akron

One of the tips we teach at our Thrift Night Out classes is to learn how to see the potential in things while you’re thrifting. You could do this by making old things new again or substituting one thing for another in order to get creative with your purchases. I do this all the time both with home decor and fashion. This $2 dress is the perfect example. I found it at the new Ohio Discount Thrift (1739 Brittain Rd). The flowy style, big sleeves, and cutouts reminded me of all the boho inspired pieces I see on Pinterest, particularly this one. It wasn’t until I tried it on that I noticed the reason why it’s loose is because it’s a maternity dress. I’m certainly not expecting but I mean, I get burrito babies after I eat Mexican food so #yolo.

The new Ohio Discount Thrift store is massive. It’s clean, organized, and pretty affordable. Some items were overpriced (as most thrift stores have been lately) but for the most part everything I bought was no more than $4. The staff was very friendly, I think it might be family owned. Although they were having a 30% of sale when I went last weekend,  it doesn’t seem like they have the typical “select color is half off” day like the Village, Goodwill, or Salvation Army does. They did tell me they have some type of discount going on every day, though. I encourage you to check it out and let me know what you think! I’m just excited to have a new thrift store in town.

The Details:
Dress | Thrifted | $2 | Ohio Discount Thrift in Akron
Shoes | Thrifted | $5 | Goodwill in Canal Fulton
Sunglasses | Marcs’s | $1


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