Bell Sleeves

Anyone else try to eat while wearing bell sleeves? Not a good look.

I love 70s fashion. It’s one of my favorite decades for fashion.  I find myself constantly drawing inspiration from that time, so I’m thrilled to see many of the styles – both in home decor and fashion- make a huge comeback this season. I found this shirt on the clearance rack at Francesca’s and appreciated its nod to the 70s without being completely over the top. I usually wear it with jeans but this week I paired it with a pencil skirt for work. At $40, this pencil skirt was a splurge for me, but it’s really comfortable and totally practical.  I vowed to get the most out of this piece as possible. I’m not joking when I say I wear it once a week to work. Each time, I pair it with something different.

Shirt | Francesca’s | $15 | Shop Similar
Skirt | JCP | $40
Shoes | Amazon | $24 |Shop Exact
Clutch | Thrifted | $5
Necklace | c/o Aaraa Jewelry
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