Photography Tricks

I’ve blogged about a few of my favorite photography tricks over the years on Dina’s Days, including my tips on food photography and my inexpensive background props. Not too much has changed over the years, except maybe now I use my phone’s camera more than I used to. I know that there are now trendier ways to get good photographs, particularly outside, and equipment like an iphone tripod to enable people to keep a steady focus and give them the freedom of a hands-free shot. Along with posh cameras and quality filters on our phones, people are now using drones to capture their best outdoor experiences into a breathtaking, Instagram worthy picture. I have yet to get my hands on a drone, like the ones on DrDrone, but I definitely am thinking about it to give my pics an upgrade! Here are a few of my favorite tricks, apps, and cameras lately:

Equipment: I still use my Canon Rebel T3i Digital SLR Camera with a Canon 50mm f/1.8 lens. I also use my iPhone 6 camera a lot.

White backgrounds for outfit shots are a surefire way to get a clean and bright shot

Outfit Shots:
Contrary to what most people might think, I don’t have an Instagram Husband. I prefer to shoot my own outfit shots. He certainly helps every now and then if I’m in a huge rush, but 99.99% of the photos are shot by me, my tripod, and remote. I actually enjoy this creative time alone. I like simple backgrounds for my outfits so I’ll use our white garage door or a white brick building for a backdrop. In the summer, I’ll use a green backdrop if I can find a good one because I love nature so much.

This backdrop in my old backyard was my favorite location for summer shoots!

For flat lays, I either use my iPhone or my Canon and use a white background when possible. I lay them out and step on a chair to shoot them from above. I then do some editing either on one of the photo apps listed below or in iPhoto to crop out any unnecessary surroundings.

This flat lay was shot using white poster paper and edited with Snapseed to remove surrounding clutter

Favorite tricks around the house:

White background: I like to keep my Instagram profile clean and bright, mainly because I think a simple background allows your subject to be the focal point of your photo without any distractions. I use white walls in my house as a backdrop for many of my photos.

This little corner is my plant and photography hub because it gets the most natural light.

Natural light and south facing windows: south facing windows are bright for the most part of the day so I take advantage of this natural light for well-lit photos.

White foam board or paper: I keep white poster paper on hand at all times in my house. I love these for flat lays and plants. Simply place your subject on a piece of large white paper or foam board near a well-lit window and shoot!

My favorite style of photography:

I love angles of photos that seem natural to the human eye. For example, we usually look down at our plate, so I’m drawn to food photos shot straight from above. If I want to share a picture of something I’ve recently thrifted on Instagram, I’ll often hold the item against a white background because sometimes having a human hand in the photo doesn’t make it seem too much like an ad for a product.

Favorite photo apps

I use Snapseed and Color Story to edit my photos but I don’t go overboard. In Color Story I use the Fresh filter pack to brighten the photo and in Snapseed I remove shadows and add a hint of contrast to allow the colors to stand out.

Behind the scenes shot of my plants
After a little editing in my favorite apps
What are some of your favorite photo tricks?
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