Equate Complete Beauty Lotion with SPF 15 vs. Olay Complete Beauty Lotion with SPF 15

Equate’s Complete Beauty Lotion is the Walmart store brand of Olay’s Complete Beauty Lotion with SPF 15 and  costs about half the price. Both lotions received an average of 4 star reviews on a number of beauty sites. I tried both brands and compared the ingredients, mainly the active ingredients to see what the difference is between the two products. Read more after the jump.

Product Summary
Both lotions contain vitamin E and a number of ingredients and agents including sunscreens  that protect skin from UVB sun rays. What most reviewers are thrilled about is that the Equate lotion contains the active ingredient zinc oxide, a thick, lubricating mineral used as sunscreen in lotions, but may also act as an anti-acne and anti-irritant agent.What’s interesting is that the lotions don’t have the same active ingredients; very similar, but not the same. The active ingredients in the Equate version are the ingredients that used to be in the old Olay formula, which seems to have upset a lot of Olay users who pleaded with the company in reviews to bring the old formula back.

Active Ingredients 
Equate: 6% octinoxate and  3% zinc oxide.
Olay: 5% Octisalate, 3% avobenzone, 3% homosalate, 2.6% octocrylene (all of these are UV protection and sunscreen agents)

My review
I have never used an SPF based lotion on a daily basis so I wasn’t used to this type of moisturizer and I guess I wasn’t expecting it to feel the way it did. I’ve been using the same face lotion for 10 years, so the change felt weird on my skin.

Although I felt like I needed to apply twice the amount on my skin to make it feel moisturized, the Equate brand is much thicker than Olay. My face felt dry following one application, so I always had to add more. It is much whiter and has a sunscreen like consistency as opposed to   the Olay brand. The Olay lotion is creamier and felt more like a moisturizer to me than the Equate brand, which is probably why I liked it more considering that’s what I was seeking. I also only needed to apply it once to moisturize my face.

If you’re looking for an SPF based moisturizer, the Equate brand will do just fine. Especially if you’re used to SPF based consistencies. Both lotions are going to actively provide the protection against UV rays if used on a regular basis and both are available in normal and sensitive skin versions. If you’re looking for something that feels a bit more like a moisturizing cream, I feel like Olay leaves my skin feeling more refreshed than the Equate brand did. Considering the Equate brand is half the price of Olay, it wouldn’t hurt to try and see how you like it first. I will probably be going back to my old face lotion because neither one of these lotions really accomplished anything worthwhile for my skin.

Have you tried either one of these lotions before?
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