Bamberger’s Mustard

This was one of those casual outfits that didn’t require a lot of thought or effort to put together. I wear a lot of prints and patterns so it’s refreshing to just throw on a few layers of solid pieces and run out the door. Plus, it’s always fun when the colors we wear replicate nature’s hues.  I love looking up the labels of the thrifted clothes I buy. The tag in this mustard yellow sweater said its from Bamberger’s, which happens to be the same brand of this wild quilted dress I shared on Instagram. Bamberger’s was a department store founded in 1893 by Louis Bamberger and opened its 10-story flagship store in 1912 in Newark. The flagship store was so massive, it had its own telephone exchange.  Bamberger’s was later sold to the Macy’s company and adopted the name in the 1980s.  Pretty cool, right? Makes me wonder who wore this sweater at one point in time. Do you remember Bamberger’s?



The Details:
Sweater | Bamberger’s | Thrifted | $2
Jacket | Jou Jou | Thrifted and seen here | $9
Pants | Old Navy Diva | $25
Boots | Kohl’s | $15
Necklace | Thrifted | Can’t remember price
Turban | H&M | $6


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