Best Online Thrift Stores

In episode 4 of our podcast, we talked all about the nontraditional ways of secondhand shopping from Goodwill Outlets to online thrift shopping. Online thrift shopping is great for both new and avid secondhand shoppers. While seasoned thrifters can still enjoy the thrill of the hunt online, newbie thrifters can get their feet wet without having to dig the traditional way. More and more stores are beginning to pop-up online recently so we compiled a comprehensive list of the best secondhand websites and how tips on how to shop them.

Online Thrift Stores to Bookmark:

How to make the most of our your secondhand purchase online:

Shop items new with tags: to get the most out of your online purchase, browse for items that are new with tags. This also helps save so much time browsing through thousands of items.

Know your measurements: whether you’re shopping for clothing or furniture online, knowing the necessary measurements will ensure that your next favorite coat or dresser will fit nicely. If the item does not list the measurements, contact the store or seller and request that information before making your purchase.

Take advantage of discount codes and referral programs: be sure to sign up for email lists and texts to receive notifications for free shipping or sales. If a store offers a referral program like ThredUp, share your referral code with friends and family to and you both earn credits. If a store has a high free shipping minimum, shop online with a friend and split the shipping cost.

Use search filters wisely: online secondhand stores tend to have large volumes of inventory so things can get pretty overwhelming rather quickly. We recommend narrowing it down to a very specific item, brand, or size.

Stick to brands you already love: if you’re hesitant to buy something because you can’t return it or try it on, use the search filters to browse brands and styles you know well. Already being familiar with a brand’s quality and sizing will reduce the element of surprise when you receive your item in the mail.

Read each store’s policy: you’d be surprised to find that some stores actually accept returns. Take a moment to read the store policy before you make a purchase.

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