5 Reasons Why I Love One Piece Swimsuits

Last summer I made the switch to one piece swimsuits for several reasons with my top reasons being comfort and practicality. To be honest, I was going to a water park to zip down the slides with the 12 year olds and wanted to ensure there would be no surprises. But after I made the switch I wondered why I hadn’t done it years ago! For years I associated one pieces with the pre teen and AARP crowd, but I soon realized that’s not the case.

| Monokini | | Floral | Seamless | Polka Dot | Bandeau |

Five reasons why I love one pieces: 
1. Comfort and practicality. Everything is tucked away so you can do a cannonball without any hesitation.
2. You don’t get as cold when you jump into the pool because most of your sensitive spots are covered up!
3. You can eat (or drink) as many poolside snacks as you want and not feel gross.
4. They are extremely fashionable! They are making a huge comeback. There are hundreds of stylish one pieces online.
5. They are extremely flattering