#12MonthsofThrifting: Thrifting a Striped Shirt

We’re moving right along into month two of the #12MonthsofThrifting challenge. This challenge is designed to help you build a thrifted wardrobe, piece-by-piece over the upcoming year. Each prompt represents a staple item you can wear for seasons to come. Last month, we set out to thrift a cozy sweater. You can read all about it here. This month, I’m sharing my favorite tips to thrift a striped shirt.

First, why a striped shirt? It’s quite possibly the most versatile piece of clothing you will own and they never go out of style. Seriously,  never. Because they are timeless, they are readily available at the thrift store.

My go to tips to thrift a striped tee start with the basic thrifting tips:

  • Be inspired: Not all stripes are created equal so be prepared to know the style of stripes you are shopping for. Horizontal or vertical? Colorful or neutral?
  • Pick a style and stay focused: Once you determine the kind of striped tee you’re looking for by color and style, head directly to that section and shop there. For example, white shirt with black stripes. Ask where the white shirts are located and whether stripes are sorted with printed shirts or solid shirts at your local thrift store.
  • Look for soft fabrics: a tee is supposed to be comfy enough for you to wear on the weekend with your favorite jeans or dressed up with a blazer. Look for soft fabrics that you’d feel comfortable wearing any time.
  • Look for a style you can wear three different ways: think weekend, work, and whatever!


weekend wear / Jeans and shirt: Goodwill. Shoes: Payless. Purse: Old Navy



work wear / shirt, shoes, blazer purse: Goodwill. Skirt: Gabe’s.
night out / shirt and jacket: Goodwill. Jeans: Walmart. Shoes: DSW

I found this tee at Goodwill Akron on State Road. It’s a soft Ann Taylor shirt that I was easily able to style three ways for weekend, work, and a night out downtown. I narrowed my focus to neutral colors and horizontal stripes and found this shirt for $2.

Be sure to share your finds using the #12MonthsofThrifting hashtag or by emailing your photos to dinasdays at gmail dot com by February 28 for a chance to be featured.

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