12 Toddler Items to Add to Your Amazon Wish List Now

As a first-time mom, I was easily bombarded by all of the different toys and options for babies and toddlers. In the beginning, we loved the essentials like the oball, jumperaroo, and kick and play piano (although that soundtrack got old really fast). But once she got a little older and grew out of the infant toys we noticed there were a handful that she really liked, and so did we! It’s difficult keeping children entertained, especially when their favorite toys change every day! Here are 12 baby toys we’re enjoying and eyeing on amazon lately:

1. KidKraft Retro Kitchen

I wanted a kitchen that would last a long time and selfishly one that would match our existing decor since her playroom is in a corner of our family room. Guests are always commenting on how cool this kitchen is, and we agree! I really wanted the pink one but knew the white was a more practical purchase. Plus, it comes with a retro phone that taught Baby J how to say “hello!” Heads up though: this can be a challenge to assemble but worth it in the end.

2. Neutral Ball Pits

You can’t avoid having a big ole ball pit in your family room but now you have pretty options to choose from.

3. Toddler Grand Piano

I’ve had my eye on one of these for a while after desperately searching for a piano or keyboard that didn’t have a factory-made soundtrack that I’d have to listen to on repeat all day. These pianos are great when babies start to stand and can be used well into toddlerhood. Watching them pretend to play is also very cute!

4. Rainbow Wooden Nesting Stacker4

Great for development and fun to look at! This is a great stacking toy that she can use for many years.

5. Little Feminist Book Set

This quickly became one of our favorite birthday gifts. We are slowly growing our library by discovering great books on amazon including Under My Hijab and I Am Enough.

6. Toddler Chair

There is nothing cuter than watching my daughter eat her snack in her “big girl” chair. Toddlers love these things! It’s a great first birthday gift idea. This chair comes in 14 different styles.

7. Balls for Pit

Cute balls to match your pit that start at only $10.

8. Activity Tunnel

I picked one of these up at a consignment store and boy was it the best $7 I spent on a kid’s toy in a while. My daughter and nephew absolutely love it. Plus it attaches to a ball pit which makes for double the amount of fun. You can easily throw this in the backyard for outdoor adventures too. Don’t have the space for the big set? The Melissa & Doug caterpillar tunnel is the perfect size.

9. Melissa & Doug Stacking Blocks

This is an excellent toy! It’s simple yet educational and kids love it. Another one you can use for years.

10. Kitchen Sink Toy

You fill this up with water and the faucet actually pours water. Great outdoor toy for the summer. Plus it teaches kids basic skills.

11. Cossy Wooden Walker

We borrowed one of the walkers with all the bells and whistles and I thought now that she’s walking she would have outgrown it, but she still loves it at 13 months. I love this simple wooden option from Cossy.

12. Munchkin Foam Bath Toys

The bath is a great opportunity to learn! We love these simple foam letters for bath time.

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