$10 Thrifted Ladder Shelf

Thrifters always have a dramatic story about an incredible find. I have tons of them, including the time I followed a woman around the store to see if she was going to put a pair of shoes back and once forgoing the restroom to grab a sequined skirt off the new arrivals rack. This ladder shelf was no exception. I spotted this shelf at our last Thrift Night Out at Goodwill on Waterloo before class started and was immediately drawn to it. I loved the bamboo feel and although I’m not sure if it’s real wood, I loved how sturdy and earthy it looks. I peeled the ticket off the shelf and handed it to the cashier to pay for it after class. It was $15 and I had a 35% coupon so there was no question about buying it. When it came time to load it into my car, it was missing. I panicked and searched all around the store for the person who had my ladder and thankfully bumped into a  woman who was carrying it around. Then we fist fought over it. Just kidding, she kindly handed it over.

The earth tones match our hardwood floors and spice colored walls perfectly. I added a blue frame for a pop of color (more on framing cards coming to the blog in the coming weeks, by the way).

I have been hooked on decorating with greenery lately. Succulents, houseplants, fake plants…you name it. If it’s green and leafy, I want it.


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